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LRFOA Constitution

As of 11/07/16 the                                   revisions have been ratified. The current Constitution is now available.

2022 LRFOA Ratings Sheet

The 2022                                       is available online for our members to view.

Playoff Eligibility Criteria

Unsure if you meet the FHSAA and LRFOA playoff eligibility criteria? Review the document         to be sure.

Official Evaluation Form

Evaluators please download a copy of the                                           prior to your scheduled game. Category descriptions are attached 

Policies and Procedures

Please submit your                                            form to become eligible to officiate for LRFOA.

- If you still need assistance after watching the tutorial, please contact                    . 

Penalty Tracking Chart

If you'd like to track your crew's penalties, please have your clock operator use the                   .

LRFOA 5-Man Coach's Card

Do you have your LRFOA                         for Friday night?

LRFOA 7-Man Coach's Card

Working 7-Man mechanics? Print your Coach's Card

Uniform Requirements

Have everything you need to dress for success? Take a look at the                                         just to be sure! They've been updated for the 2020 season.

Clock Operator Instructions

All clock operators please be sure to read over the                                                 as there have been changes due to the new 40sec clock. It is recommended that crew chiefs attach this document to your email to the AD each week if the school will be supplying the clock operator. 

Grievance Forms

Member's who are needing to file a grievance should use this

Grievance Committee form can be found


Any questions concerning the grievance submission process should reach out to the current year's committee board liaison.

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